Quick analysis on Rishab Shetty’s chart.

Lagna Lord exalted and AL in the 9th house of bhagya in/thru foreign lands. 2nd lord and karaka for fame in 12th house of foreign lands and a loaded rashi of arts/skills. So the reach of this movie is both pan India and foreign markets. In the interview he famously quotes” Regional is Universal”.
A4 in the 12th with aspect of A3 so very comfortable in making films and very good story telling skills. A3 in rashi of religion and parivartan between vakri Guru and Ketu compelled him to make to make the theme of avAhan (kola) of devta/bhoot(Ketu) into jeev(Guru), in the 5th house of vision/movies/bhakti and mystical/occult/death rashi of Vrischik.
Guru being aspected by exalted Lagna Lord Chandra and karaka for masses, he knows the pulse of the people. Because of vakri Guru, the charcater of Shiva initially is reluctant to take on his family tradition and only after his brother dies (Guru in Vrischik and parivartan with Ketu) he is forced to take on the bhoota kola. Now why panjurli(varAha) and guliga?
His AK is Rahu a manifestation of the varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu and is in Mrigshira nakshatra the searching star, hence Panjurli comes searching for Shiva in the movie.
And in the end to destroy the land lord guliga takes over Shiva’s body, this is shown by Gulika and Shukra in Magha nakshatrs in Rishab’s chart! Magha is the karm assigned to you by your pitris and its manifesting in Rishab’s chart as a movie since its in Simha rashi the naisargik 5th of movies and the setting/story is in a forest again represented by Simha rashi.

Parashurama (Shukra) went on and killed the kshatriyas 21 times over, which is shown as the killing of the land lord. And the whole of the south west (Nairuti) of Bharata is Parashurama kshetra.
There is an argala on Simha rashi from the loaded 12th house/Mithun with Rahu (Varaha), Mangal (killing and the gun misfiring and effecting the forest officer’s eyes), Budh (subconscious effects this movie had in the climax, Budh also shows endings as Revati is the last nakshatra), Surya (name/fame Rishabh got and dispositor of Shukra).
Now the release date is Sept 30, 2022 and my favorite Kaala Chakra Dasha easily shows this. His Mesha dasha started in the end of 2018, the 10th house so some new beginnings of his career.

Antar Dasha is Simha the rashi of name/fame/movies with A11(gains) and A10(career and his karma) with Gulika and Mandi! Shukra shows natya kala. Its the 2nd house and its fetching him handsomely (perhaps will break some box office records). Pratyandar dasha is Kanya which is the in 7th from AL i.e. opens up the gates for his Ardhua Lagna to rise (name/fame).
Paribrahman Paddhati also shows success in his current 40th year running. Exalted 5th lord Shani in Lagna with A8 so the sudden rise in name/fame. Other 5th co lord Rahu in the bhagya stana with 11th lord(gains) Surya (karaka for name/fame) in Mithun rashi (art/movies etc.). Exalted 10th lord Moon in the 8th again sudden change in the career. LL in the 11th house of gains. Parivartan of 2nd and 3rd lord showing the theme of the movie.

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