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  • kAntAra

    October 28, 2022 by

    Quick analysis on Rishab Shetty’s chart. Lagna Lord exalted and AL in the 9th house of bhagya in/thru foreign lands. 2nd lord and karaka for fame in 12th house of foreign lands and a loaded rashi of arts/skills. So the reach of this movie is both pan India and foreign markets. In the interview he… Read more

  • Vatuka Bhairava

    June 20, 2022 by

    Wrote this as a post in the Lunar Astro Facebook Group. June 9th, 2022 today/tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world) is Vatuka Bhairava Jayanti. The tithi is ज्येष्ठ शुकल दशमी (Jyestha Shukla Dashami). A few thoughts on this rupa. He is a saumya and bala rupa (a boy of 8 years) of… Read more

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